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How To Get Started


This is designed to slightly increase awareness. We cannot improve upon that which we're not aware of.


In your COMPLIMENTARY Strategy Session we will identify if there's a good reason to work together. This is NOT a sales call. This call is 100% about you and your goals.


If we decide there's a good reason to work together, then we'll get started right away. Your financial path will improve immediately. 


85% of American's struggle with anxiety about money.

It doesn't matter how much money you make or how rich you are.

If you lack confidence in your path, then anxiety is inevitable.


Coaching will help you to create a path that gives you confidence.

You will receive...

1x1 Coaching

Monthly coaching sessions.

Coaching is the most transformational relationship in your life. You will change the outcome of your future by changing your thinking and habits.

Money Plan

A powerful budgeting and tracking tool will help you to create a realistic and holistic budget. No matter your goals, this is a tool you can use for the rest of your life.


You will have full access to my Building Financial Confidence video course. This transformational course will help you develop a success mindset and financial education.


The only guarantee that tomorrow is better than today is a consistent focus on personal growth. With coaching we will keep the focus on achieving your goals through personal growth. 


Coaching will give you confidence. Confidence comes from knowing what you're doing and consistently doing things well. You will believe in the brightness of your future. 


Your coach is experienced in real estate investing, financial markets, and business.

Our conversations will have depth and expertise.

"I appreciated that this course was not just about money, but about our mindset around money. Joe's approach and positive, encouraging style helped me overcome the intimidation I have about money management, and helped me feel like I can get a better grasp on my money and plan for my preferred future -- it sounds simple, but it's actually huge for me. Thank you, Joe!"

Course Client - 2021

"This coaching was what I expected and more! I really appreciated that it focused so much on the emotional and psychological aspects related to money and how that affects our management of/habits around money. I am already seeing progress from newfound awareness of what/how I was spending, the intentionality that has come as a result of the awareness and the empowerment I feel now that I'm in control of my finances. Things weren't nearly as bad as I'd thought, but this course has given me a much stronger mindset and the confidence to keep growing, to tackle my debt, and to grow my savings."

Coaching Client

"I highly recommend Worthy Legacy coaching because it blends mindset with specific strategies. I needed the accountability and cashflow tools, but I didn't realize I was missing the growth mindset and the systems to follow through to be successful. I've learned so much and a have a great foundation going forward. Thank you Joe!"

Coaching Client

"We have reached a point financially (thanks to @worthy.legacy !) where I do not have to work my ass off for the promise of an end-of-year bonus just to get by. Now I'm actually taking time to step back and consider what I want. It's scary and exciting."

Coaching Client - 2020

"I highly recommend Joe's coaching and services to help get out of the debt cycle and establish financial freedom! I worked with Joe to establish a realistic plan to pay off debt that was holding me back and seemed impossible to get rid of. Joe's approach is direct and straightforward, but he takes into account much more than just finances, incorporating perspectives of holistic well-being into his coaching. It was just the approach I needed! Thank you, Joe!"

Coaching Client - 2020

Sign up for coaching if you...

  • Don't have a plan for your money each month or in the future.
  • Feel like money is a complicated, confusing topic that you avoid (but know you need to face).
  • Are stuck in a scarcity "there's never enough" mindset around money and want to have an abundant "there is plenty and it comes to me easily" mindset instead.
  • Have debt that weighs on you constantly and don't see a path out of it.
  • Want to be educated, effective, and powerful when talking about money and finances.
  • Tell yourself you need to focus on your money, but aren't sure where to start.
  • Want to break the self-sabotaging cycles around money.


Financial coaching is a designed alliance. We will focus on the following areas.

Success Mindset

John Maxwell teaches us your personal growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow will be better than today. We will begin coaching with our Founding Principles and Success Mindset videos. This will help you to gain clarity as we enter the coaching relationship. The level of financial success you achieve can never outgrow the quality of your thoughts.


In order to grow we need to gain awareness of our current reality and vision for the future. As your coach I must know you in order to work with you. Our first session will be entirely based on gaining awareness.

Cash Flow

The first and most critical step in any financial plan is creating a plan for your cash flow. These "budgets" often fail because it's difficult to predict all of life's random events. We will create a plan that gives you flexibility and a holistic approach. In each session we will continue to revisit and refine our cash flow.

 Credit Score

Your credit score is simply your reputation as a borrower. Having a good credit score can save you money, give you borrowing opportunities, and make sure you never allow your credit score to negatively impact your lifestyle choices. We will review you credit and make sure you have strength as a borrower.


When it comes to money there's really only one goal and that's sustainable wealth. While the concept may be simple, achieving sustainable wealth is a complicated process. We will discuss the  investing in detail to make sure you have an investment plan.

Create Your Strategy

When it comes to our money we need to play the long game. Investing for our future is something we all know we should do, but how do we know if we're doing enough? We will create a plan that gives you confidence in your future and lifestyle choices in the present.


  1. FULL ACCESS TO MY COURSE - Building Financial Confidence is a course you can take at your own pace and retake as often as you'd like.
  2. EMAIL ACCESS - You will not feel alone or isolated between sessions. You will have access to me via email for questions, encouragement and recommendations. We will be partners in your success.
  3. DISCOUNTED CONTINUATION PRICING - Following our initial term you will have an option to continue coaching at a discounted rate and frequency of your choice. This will give you the support you need well into the future.


Do NOT sign up for coaching if...


  • You want to "get rich quick".  life is a marathon not a sprint.  Money is about your approach to life and the behavior you carry out.
  • You don't have income or positive cash flow.  You need to have the ability to invest in yourself.
  • If you're not willing to let go of your current thoughts and behaviors.  Change does not occur if you're not willing to give up on things that aren't working. 
  • You're not willing to consistently commit to personal growth and development.


Frequently Asked Questions

Almost everyone is anxious about sharing when it comes to money. Which is why coaching on this topic is so powerful. Sharing and discussing openly is how you will alleviate stress and create a plan for the future.

Coaching is so powerful because you realize you're not alone with your fears. You will learn and grow from the process and have someone to support you.

A great coach does not judge the coaching member. Rather, they help them find a way forward.

Seeing results is guaranteed. In fact, if you don't see results in the first 90 days then we can terminate our agreement and part ways as friends. No questions asked.

Coaching is designed alliance where two people collaborate to create lasting change for the client. Coaching has 3 underlying objectives.

Greater awareness, increased responsibility, and greater accountability.

Imagine a person who sees your potential rather than your performance.

They understand that you are a person with conflicting goals and desires. 

They understand that you want to achieve higher levels for yourself.

They are fully committed to your success.

The coaching relationship is 100% focused on you. A coach holds you accountable, helps you create a higher level of consciousness, helps you to understand the way forward. 

Coaching is a powerful relationship because it's so unique. It's customized to you, focused on you, and yields the results you desire.

The Building Financial Confidence course has 27 total lessons. They are broken out into 5 separate categories. Each category takes you on a step-by-step journey.

After having coached over 700 people I'm confident that the value received far exceeds the investment. 

However, if you participated in each coaching session for the first 90 days and don't believe coaching was worth the investment then we can terminate the coaching relationship and part ways as friends. No questions asked.

I do not offer refunds because I'm 100% confident that you will receive value for your service. 

Additionally, you will continue to have access to Building Financial Confidence course.

Not with coaching. Results come from active participation. You must be active and you must take action. Without action there will be no change.

With the course however, it is designed and recommended to go at your own pace.

Yes. The mobile app is for the course. Actions are provided in the welcome section of the course.

This spreadsheet is very easy to use. But, if you really don't like to use spreadsheets then you and I can complete the spreadsheet together in our early coaching sessions. 

Complete the survey below and schedule your complimentary strategy session.. Not only will you receive great value for the session, but I'll be 100% honest with you. Once I understand your situation I can recommend coaching, the course, or some simply actions to move you forward..

Financial Health Survey

This survey will help us create clarity about your current reality.

Are You Ready?

Want to skip the Strategy Session and get started ASAP?



  • Founding Principles videos 
  • Success Mindset videos
  • Powerful Money Spreadsheet
  • Financial Education Video Series
    • Cash flow plan
    • Credit score
    • Investing
    • Investment planning
  • Assessments to test your learning
  • BONUS 1 - Real Estate Investing
  • BONUS 2 - Talking Stocks at Dinner
  • BONUS 3 - Business - A Simple Plan for Driving Growth



  • SIX - 60 minute one-on-one coaching calls with Joe McKowen
  • Building Financial Confidence course
  • The Money Spreadsheet
  • A personalized plan to help you gain confidence in your future.
  • A formula for creating and accomplishing goals.
  • Unlimited direct email access to Joe McKowen
  • Resources and recommendations to help you establish new habits of success.



  • SIX - 60 minute one-on-one coaching calls with Joe McKowen
  • Building Financial Confidence course
  • The Money Spreadsheet
  • A personalized plan to help you gain confidence in your future.
  • A formula for creating and accomplishing goals.
  • Unlimited direct email access to Joe McKowen
  • Resources and recommendations to help you establish new habits of success.

Professional Coach

I've worked with over 700 individuals to create a financial plan that gives them confidence.

Other professional accomplishments include:

Owner - 3 successful restaurants
Board of Directors - 3 companies
Real Estate Investor - 12 years
Fix-and-Flip - 75 homes
Business Consultant - 11 years
Financial Coach - 3 years




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