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Building Financial Confidence

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The course includes: 

  • Founding principles videos 
  • Success mindset videos
  • Powerful money spreadsheet
  • Building a cash flow plan
  • Building your credit score
  • Basics on investing
  • Building an investment plan with confidence
  • Assessments to test your learning
  • BONUS 1 - Real Estate Investing
  • BONUS 2 - Talking Stocks at Dinner
  • BONUS 3 - Business - A Simple Plan for Driving Growth

You will have lifetime access to grow and implement at your own pace.

What People Are Saying:

“I appreciated that this course was not just about money, but about our mindset around money. Joe's approach and positive, encouraging style helped me overcome the intimidation I have about money management, and helped me feel like I can get a better grasp on my money and plan for my preferred future -- it sounds simple, but it's actually huge for me. Thank you, Joe!”

“I highly recommend Worthy Legacy coaching because it blends mindset with specific strategies. I needed the accountability and cashflow tools, but I didn't realize I was missing the growth mindset and the systems to follow through to be successful. I've learned so much and a have a great foundation going forward. Thank you Joe!”

“This coaching was what I expected and more! I really appreciated that it focused so much on the emotional and psychological aspects related to money and how that affects our management of/habits around money. I am already seeing progress from newfound awareness of what/how I was spending, the intentionality that has come as a result of the awareness and the empowerment I feel now that I'm in control of my finances. Things weren't nearly as bad as I'd thought, but this course has given me a much stronger mindset and the confidence to keep growing, to tackle my debt, and to grow my savings.”